Body Extensions. Gallery 272, London, United Kingdom. January 10 - 18, 2019. Group exhibition.

Featuring Noah J. Brown, Daniel Charkow, Juliet Di Carlo, Theodora Fitzpatrick, Zoë Jolink, Macy Kerrigan, and Catherine Ritchie.

Curated by Spencer Julien

Body Extensions examines the exchanges between the body and its environment, exploring the ways in which the body is protected, politicised, and influenced by its surroundings. Whether or not these decisions are conscious, environments dictate interactions with them, and the ways in which behavioural patterns from is directly correlated.

Environment becomes an extensions of the body, and as such, the body has little functionality without an environment to navigate. The body is arguable the most personal tool used on a daily basis, something which has evolved purely for its function, but which also becomes a definition of how we understand ourselves in the context of the world.

This exhibition brings together different understandings of how lived experience dictates one’s relationship with their body, and how it forces us to consider our relationships with other bodies. Colonial political bodies have politicised human bodies. How do these interactions change our perspective on interactions between two bodies? How do we understand the human body in context with the governmental body, the social body, or a body of knowledge?

Exhibition text