Bonafide. United Contemporary, Toronto, Canada. June 22 - July 1, 2018. Group exhibition.

Featuring Shellicka Anglin, Noah J. Brown, Isabella Ferrer Fernandez, Hailey Hanson, Luca Soldovieri, Teodore von Baeyer, and Alexis Vo.

Co-curated by Spencer Julien and Temple Marucci-Campbell.

This exhibition is grounded in concepts of individual identity and its intersection with one’s heritage and culture. Bonafide highlights personal engagements with the exploration of culture and the ways in which it influences the idea of “self”. Relationships between the work pose questions about the constructs of identity in the context of cultural history. Traditional cultural elements are used as variables in the realization of more personal and nuanced ethnographies.

Many of these artists have gained personal independence through engaging with their cultural identity — thoroughly understanding their own personal histories and using it to inform the stories they tell.

Cette exposition est fondée sur des concepts d'identité individuelle et son intersection avec son patrimoine et sa culture. Bonafide souligne les engagements personnels avec l'exploration de la culture et les façons dont elle influence l'idée de «soi». Les relations entre l'œuvre pose des questions sur les constructions de l'identité dans le contexte de l'histoire culturelle. Les éléments culturels traditionnels sont utilisés comme variables dans la réalisation d'ethnographies plus personnelles et nuancées.

Beaucoup de ces artistes ont acquis une indépendance personnelle en s'engageant dans leur identité culturelle.

Humility, felt tapestry, Noah J. Brown. 2017.

Humility, felt tapestry, Noah J. Brown. 2017.